Deep Imagery is a gentle method of personal healing and growth. It connects us with wisdom and resources beyond the level of our rational thinking. This helps us to live our life more fully and to realise our potential.


In Deep Imagery journeys we meet, after a phase of relaxation, inner images related to any theme we want more clarity on. In conversing and spending time with these figures we get support, heal old wounds and limiting beliefs, and access our deep innate wisdom. In this process we often find answers and healing in a very creative and personally accurate way.

Deep magery journeys are non-invasive and non-judgmental, respect the pace and path of each person and lead us in a gentle and loving way along the next steps of our path.

Deep Imagery can help in many contexts, including:

  • Overcoming limiting patterns in our lives
  • Healing old wounds
  • Accessing the deep wisdom within ourselves
  • Getting support and guidance on our path

Deep Imagery is available in groups or individual sessions.

In combination with Feldenkrais it is a powerful tool to increase awareness and access possibilities on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.