Sabine Volkmann


After I studied music in Nuremberg, Germany I trained in the Feldenkrais Method from Sabine1991-1994 in England. Since then I have been teaching the Feldenkrais Method with groups and individuals. I was a board member of the German Feldenkrais Guild from 1998 to 2002.

From 1997 I started working with guided “Deep Imagery” in which I trained from 2001-2003 in Ireland.

From 2006-2009 I trained in Hakomi, a method of assisted self-study. In 2010 I got my certification as Hakomi practitioner, in 2013 as Hakomi teacher.

All three methods are based on a holistic view of human beings, an organic learning process and the self-healing capacity of our body, mind and spirit.

My interest in working with people is to find ways to expand their potential, to increase awareness of limiting patterns in life and to develop a richer and more holistic self-image.